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Picket Fences (2)

PICKET FENCES/CBS/1992-96 (Deaf)

Laurie Bey (Marlee Matlin), a self-proclaimed modern day Robin Hood with a hearing disability seen on the drama PICKET FENCES/CBS/1992-95.


Outraged at the government’s pork barrel spending, Laurie went on a four-year crime spree robbing banks and redistributing the funds to people who really needed them-in one case, victims of a flood disaster.

Bold in her endeavors, she ended each of her capers with a little dance performance in an attempt to humanize her deed and create a positive folklore in case she was arrested. Her antics earned her the nickname “The Dancing Bandit.”

On the March 3, 1995 episode, Laurie was captured and put on trial. She so endeared the jury that they delivered a verdict of “not” guilty at which the judge outraged at their “putrid” decision-based on sentiment rather than fact-gave Laurie Bey 3000 hours of community service. Laurie, who was fluent in sign language, was later elected Mayor of Rome, Wisconsin.

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