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Twin Peaks (4)

TWIN PEAKS/ABC/1990-91 (Missing Arm)

Philip Michael Gerard (Al Strobel), a 51-year-old, one-armed traveling shoe salesman who appears in the strange town of Twin Peaks in Northwest, USA. He stayed in room 101 at the Timber Falls Hotel.


Born Feb 2, 1938, Philip was the physical manifestation of a spirit demon named MIKE. In his spirit form, MIKE, a being similar to BOB the demon, possessed many people and did all sorts of horrible deeds. Together, BOB and MIKE (whose origin was The Black Lodge) were serial murders.

But one day, MIKE decided he no longer wanted to be evil. To stop the evil, he hacked off his arm (thus Phillips’s arm). An arm which contained a tattoo with the phrase, “Come Fire Walk With Me.”

While searching for BOB the Demon, Philip told Agent Dale Cooper, he lost his arm in a car accident and that the arm sported a tattoo of “Mom.”

While Philip/MIKE sought repentance, his former partner in mayhem BOB refused to repent his wicked ways. Philip’s mission was to find and stop BOB, who was currently wreaking havoc in the town of Twin Peaks.

In the film, Fire Walk With Me (1992), the spiritual manifestation of MIKE is revealed to be the figure known previously in the series as the dwarfish man called “Man from Another Place,” who tells Cooper that he is the “arm”, the spirit (MIKE) who possessed Philip Gerard and had him commit the murders.

Note: Born in Seattle, Washington, actor Al Strobel lost his left arm in an auto accident as a teenager. He is best remembered for his recurring role as the One-Armed Man on TWIN PEAKS; Fire Walk with Me (1992);  Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces (2014) and the 2017 reboot of the series.

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