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The Deputy

The Deputy/NBC/1959-1961 (Injured Eye)

Sergeant Hapgood “Sarge” Tasker (Read Morgan), US Army Cavalry officer stationed in Silver City, Arizona during the 1880s. Sarge was in charge of the Quartermaster’s Corps Army Supply Office across the street from the Marshal’s office.


After getting arrested for disturbing the peace during a saloon fight, Sarge befriended and occasionally helped Clay McCord (Allen Case), a local storekeeper who volunteered to be town Deputy Marshal. Clay reported to Chief Marshal of the Territory Simon Fry (Henry Fonda) stationed in Prescott, Arizona.

Sarge received the injury to his left eye during a border skirmish. He was ordered to wear an eye patch until the eye healed.┬áHis character first appeared in “Meet Sergeant Tasker” (Episode 2) during Season 2 of the series.