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Committed/NBC/2005 (Wheelchair)

Todd (RonReaco Lee), black male in a wheelchair who works at a shoe repair shop in New York City and interacts with a group of eccentric singles, including Bowie, Nate and Marni who has a “dying clown” (Tom Poston) living in her closet (he came with the apartment).


In the pilot episode, Nate arrives at a restaurant where he is expecting to have his first date with Marni, but he finds Todd sitting at the table. Nate asks Marni if she can tell Todd to go because he doesn’t want to share his first date with another person. Marni obliges, and Todd informs the waiter, he has to go. The waiter appears with a wheelchair which Todd mounts and awkwardly rolls out of the place while Nate is left to feel terrible that he just kicked out a disabled man from the restaurant.

Later, on the episode “The Return of Todd,” Todd shows up at Nate’s used record store with Marni. However, the shop is located below street level with no handicapped access since the place was built in 1933. Nate offers to carry Todd down into the store, but Todd declines and then tells Marni to shout out the names of the albums and describe what the covers look like. When it starts to rain, Todd says, “It’s my own fault for wearing suede.” At the end of the episode, Nate installs a wheelchair access ramp at the store, but, the angle is too steep and Todd speeds down the ramp and into a wall.

Some Todd Quotes From The Show

Nate Solomon: Marni suggested we do something together.
Todd: Alright, how about Saturday?
Nate Solomon: Saturday’s no good. I’m doing something.
Todd: What’s that?
Nate Solomon: Basketball.
Todd: Oh, I see. You think I can’t play basketball because I’m in a wheelchair.
Nate Solomon: No, I think you’re a great basketball player.
Todd: Why? Cause I’m black?

[Nate visits Todd to get his sneakers fixed]
Nate Solomon: They jam into my arches when I jump. You know what I’m talking about?
Todd: Oh, sure, sure! I jumped once in a dream.

SeeCOMMITTED – Episode “The Return of Todd” @ YouTube


Waynehead/Kid’s WB/1996-1997 (Club Foot)

Damien “Damey” Wayne (voiced by Orlando Brown), 10-year-old black boy with a club foot who lives in a poor inner-city neighborhood in lower Manhattan and tries to cope with the problems of pre-adolescence. Damey wears a large black shoe with a metal brace on his right leg.


Damey likes to take things apart (although putting things back together was another matter). And with money hard to come by, Damey uses his creativity by building his own toys from material found around the neighborhood.

Damey’s friends are:

  • Toof (voiced by Shawn Wayans),
  • Mo’ Money (voiced by Jamil Walker Smith),
  • Marvin (voiced by Tico Wells),
  • Roz (voiced by T’Keyah Crystal Keymáh).

Damey also has a cousin from Los Angeles named Three Hats, and canine companion named Tripod who was missing a leg (seen on episode “Rebel Without A Paw”). His other friends are Monique, Shavonne, Kevin and Blue.

Day-to-day adventures in the life of Damey Wayne and his pals included:

  • Getting Damey’s Mom to the hospital when she goes into labor at the library.
  • Dealing with the Hydrant of Doom.
  • Battle with the school bully turns into a contest of insults.
  • Rescuing Roz from junkyard dogs.
  • Search for fireworks for the night of the Fourth of July.
  • Asking his dad to coach a basketball game (but dad sucks on the court).
  • Hiding the fact the Damey has a role in an opera. (“To be cool or not to be cool”)
  • Damey tries to earn money for the Harlem Week Festival.

Note: WAYNEHEAD is a Canadian-American Saturday morning animated series created by American actor Damon Wayans. It was produced by Warner Bros. Animation and Nelvana. The series lasted for only one season. Nineteen extra episodes were created on BET! Network, including a special episode “Damey and his Pals’ Christmas Carol.”

The cartoon series was inspired by the childhood of film/TV actor Damon Wayans, own childhood in the Chelsea neighborhood in the New York City Borough of Manhattan. Wayans, like his character Damey, had a club foot.

The term  “Waynehead” comes from home-sheared haircuts given to Damey and his brothers.

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Daredevil/Netflix/2015-2016+ (Blind)

Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox), lawyer who was blinded as a youth by a chemical spill. The freak accident enhanced Matt’s other senses giving him super-human abilities.


As an adult, Murdock practices law in New York City, by day, but, by night, he is a vigilante known as Daredevil (“The Man With No Fear”) who battles crime in Hell’s Kitchen section of the city.

Franklin “Foggy” Nelson (Elden Henson) is Murdock’s close friend and law partner. District Attorney Blake Tower (Stephen Rider) provides Daredevil with information to find and capture criminals.

Daredevil strives to rid the city of crime, especially, the criminal empire run by mob boss Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio), aka “Kingpin” who is assisted by his dastardly right hand man, James Wesley (Toby Leonard Moore).


Matt Murdock sans his red Daredevil suit

Frank Castle (John Bernthal), a former policeman turned vigilante known as the Punisher, also roams the streets of Hell’s Kitchen seeking out criminals to crush. Frank believes that Daredevil is not hard enough on crime. As Frank said, “You hit ’em and they get back up, I hit ’em and they stay down.”

Frank Castle: I gotta say, sometimes… sometimes I think you really just might be the Devil.
Daredevil: Sometimes I think I might be, too.

Elektra Natchios (Élodie Yung), a mysterious and psychopathic woman from Murdock’s past tracked him down. He was puzzled as to how she found him because he wears a mask. To which, Electra replied, “Well, you can’t mask that ass. I’d know it anywhere.”

Note: In flashback sequences, actor Skylar Gaertner plays a young Matt Murdock.

The Daredevil character made guest appearances on the Saturday morning cartoon series SPIDER-MAN AND HIS AMAZING FRIENDS/NBC/1981-1983.

Daredevil was created by writer-editor Stan Lee and artist Bill Everett. The character first appeared in Daredevil comic #1 (April 1964).

The Michael J. Fox Show

The Michael J. Fox Show/NBC/2013-2014 (Parkinson’s Disease)

Michael “Mike” Henry (Michael J. Fox), beloved TV news anchor diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease who initially left his job to focus on his health and family, but returned four years later to pick up his career at WNBC in New York, despite his disability.


Mike’s colleagues at work included Kay Costa (Ana Nogueira), Mike’s assistant; Harris Green (Wendell Pierce), Mike’s boss and best friend; and Mike’s coworkers, Susan Rodriguez-Jones (Ann Heche), mean news reporter and Mike’s newsroom nemesis; and Doug (Jason Katims).

After a long day on the job, Mike returned home to his overprotective wife, Annie (Betsy Brandt), his daughter, Eve (Juliette Goglia), an aspiring novelist;  and his two boys, Ian (Conor Romero), the eldest; and Graham (Jack Gore), the younger son, whom Mike taught to ride a bike.

And then, there was Andy (David Furr), Henry’s doorman; Mike’s sister, Leigh Henry (Katie Finneran) who moves in with the family when a bed bug infestation forces her out of her home; and Mike’s parents, Steve and Beth (Charles Grodin and Candice Bergen) who visit on Thanksgiving.

Note: The comedy series was inspired by actor Michael J. Fox who also suffers from Parkinson’s Disease. Fox served as the show’s executive producer.

Born Michal Andrew Fox on June 9, 1961 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, actor Michael J. Fox left his TV series SPIN CITY, much like his character Mike Henry. And in later years, he returned to entertainment and appeared on such shows as BOSTON LEGAL, RESCUE ME, SCRUBS and THE GOOD WIFE.


Girls/HBO/2012-2017 (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder)

Hannah Horvath (Lena Dunham), a narcissistic, immature, aspiring writer living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, who struggles with an Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder while finding a direction in life.


Her parents in East Lansing, Michigan had been financially supporting Hannah since she graduated from Oberlin College, but they have pulled the plug and now Hannah must find a way to support herself as she struggles with her writing career.

When her father asks over the phone, “Are you taking your meds, sweetie?” Hannah snaps back, “Of course I’m taking my meds!” Actually, she’s decided they make her too sleepy to write her e-book, so she’s quit them, but going off the drugs leaves her completely unable to write the book at all.

Once Hannah inserted a Q-tip into one ear causing a bloody mess (“I heard hissing”) . When the ER doctor refused to clean her other ear to even things out she took another Q-tip and stuck it in her other ear and then started counting. Hannah also needs everything to happen in series of eight (or 64).

Hannah also struggles with hypochondria. Filled with irrational anxiety, Hannah Googles the Internet asking questions like, “Do millions of microbes really live on our skin?” “How does your body know to stop breathing?” “At what age does your body start melting down?”

Note: Lena Dunham, the creator of the HBO series GIRLS has suffered from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder since childhood and has taken medication on and off for years. Her symptoms started at age seven and she’s been seeing a therapist ever since.

In real life, Dunham has an obsession with the number eight and her compulsion to perform behaviors eight times, like look to either side of her eight times to make sure no one was following her,  or having sex (masturbating) eight times.

Dunham now takes a small, regular dose of the antidepressant Lexapro and takes the anti-anxiety medication Klonopin as needed.

About her character Hannah, Dunham reported, “I really wanted to look at the idea that Hannah wasn’t just a TV neurotic… She’s a person with real, complicated mental health issues that she’s dealing with every day.”

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SEINFELD/NBC/1989-1998 (Deaf)

Laura (Marlee Matlin),  a deaf woman named Laura who goes to dinner with Jerry Seinfeld and his friend, George Costanza (Jason Alexander) on the 1993 episode “The Lip Reader.”


Earlier in the episode, Jerry and George become uncomfortable when they realize Laurie can read their lips and begin to cover their mouths (raising a glass to their face or rubbing their eyes) to prevent Laura from gleaning what they were saying.

Now aware that Laura can read lips, George asks Jerry to invite her to a party so Laura can read the lips of George’s ex-girlfriend, Gwen to find out what she is saying about him since their breakup.

At first, a hesitant Jerry tells George,”She’s not a novelty act, George, where you hire her out for weddings and bar mitzvahs.” But Jerry caves and asks Laura to the party. When Jerry asks if he can pick up Laura at six  (“How about six?”), she misinterprets “six” as “sex” and leaves in a huff.

Laura does go to the party and reads Gwen’s lip as she speaks to a fellow named Todd who asks Gwen if she would like to stay after the party to clean up and help “sweep” with him. Of course, the message gets misinterpreted as “sleep” with him. and George begins to rant and rage and spoils the party.

Laura had communicated Gwen’s conversation via sign language to Jerry’s friend. Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards) who was across the room. Kramer learned sign language while living with a deaf cousin for a year. It was Kramer who misread Laura’s sign for “Sweep” to be “Sleep” which sent George into a frenzy.

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Taxi (2)

TAXI/ABC/1978-83 (Blind)

Judy (Murphy Cross), a blind woman introduced in the last season of this comedy series. Her sight was later restored via a surgical operation.


For a time, she was the girlfriend of  Louie De Palma (Danny DeVito), a tyrannical dispatch operator for the New York City based Sunshine Cab Company.

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The Cosby Show

THE COSBY SHOW/NBC/1984-92 (Dyslexia)

Theodore “Theo” Huxtable (Malcolm-Jamal Warner), fourteen-year-old African American teenager living at 10 Stigwood Avenue in New York City, NY (Brooklyn Heights). His catchphrase is “No problem,” but there was a problem.


For years, Theo’s parents OB/GYN physician Dr. Cliff Huxtable (Bill Cosby) and his attorney wife, Clair (Phylicia Rashad) were frustrated with their son’s study habits and inability to apply himself in his school work.

Finally, in his teenage years, Theo was diagnosed with a dyslexic reading disorder (Episode No.129. “Theo’s Gift”). With special help, Theo’s grades and outlook on life steadily improved as he pursued a college degree at New York University and graduated.

On episode No.175/176 “Theo and the Kids,” Theo interns as a 7th grade junior counselor at the community center and discovers a boy named Stanley who refuses to do his homework and is unable to read a book. Theo realizes the boy has dyslexia and consequently tells Stanley about his own bout with dyslexia. As a favor to Theo, Stanley agrees to be tested for his learning disability.

Note: The idea for Theo’s disability was inspired by Bill Cosby’s dyslexic son, Ennis.


JESSE/NBC/1998-2000 (Refused to talk)

John “Junior” Warner (John Lehr), a deep-thinking auto mechanic from Buffalo, New York who refuses to talk “until he can find a more efficient use of the language.” He broke his silence, later in the series.


John’s sister, Jesse Warner (Christian Applegate) is a single mother with a young boy who works as a waitress at her father’s German-themed restaurant.