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Strange/BBC/2002-2003 (Down’s Syndrome)

Kevin (Timmy Lang) works at a Cathedral in England as Cannon Black’s gardener, a job that enables him to spy on the Canon and find out vital information.


Kevin can sense the presence of demons and assists a defrocked priest John Strange (Richard Coyle) in fighting demonic agents in the region.


Silent Witness

Silent Witness/BBC/1996-2019 (Wheelchair / Medical Disability)

Clarissa Mullery (Liz Carr), a disabled female in an electric wheelchair who works as a personal lab assistant for a team of forensic pathology experts as they investigate various crimes in the Cambridge and London areas of Great Britain.


Clarissa first appeared in Season 15 on episode “Change” (2013), when Dr Cunningham accepts a position in New York City and is replaced by forensics expert Jack Hodgson David Caves) who brings along his long-time assistant Clarissa Mullery to work with him at the Lyell Centre.

Note: Actress Liz Carr has used a wheelchair since the age of seven due to her disability known as arthrogryposis multiplex congenita. She is a comedian, broadcaster and international disability rights activist, who studied law at the University of Nottingham.


Second Sight

SECOND SIGHT/BBC/1999-2001 (Blurred vision, blindness)

DCI Ross Tanner (Clive Owen), a London-based police detective diagnosed with a degenerative condition of the retina which produces blurred vision, starlight flashes, extreme sensitivity to light, intermittent blindness and hallucinations.


Tanner’s Doctor diagnosed his problem as acute zonal outer occult retinopathy (AZOOR), a rare virus that makes his vision come and go as it destroys the victim’s retina.

Tanner’s partner DI Catherine Tully (Claire Skinner) soon becomes his eyes as they investigate criminal cases for the Metropolitan Police Force. Tully sees helping Tanner as a way of getting on the fast track to promotions. So she keeps his secret and helps Tanner get through the cases, aiding him when his sight goes out on occasions.

Initially, Ross did not want to admit anything was wrong with his eyes. He was a fast-rising detective with a promising career and unlike his policeman father who never advanced up the ranks, Ross was determined to make something of himself. And although a rare disease was eroding his vision, he managed to keep the problem hidden to remain head of an elite homicide squad.

Tanner’s awkward attempts to hide the condition distanced him from his colleagues and increasingly put his job at risk. All the while, Ross struggles with his ambition, tries to come to terms with his un-welcomed impairment while fielding a complex relationship with his ex-wife and son and a romantic entanglements with DI Tully and her eventual resignation from the unit which leaves him without an ally.

Unawares of Tanner’s visual difficulties, colleague DI Boyd credited Ross’ frequent stumbles to alcohol.

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