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The Prisoner

THE PRISONER/CBS/1968-69 (Mute Little Person)

Dwarf manservant (Angelo Muscat) who worked at the strange coastal resort knows as The Village which imprisoned a former espionage agent known only as Number Six.


This “silent butler” (he never spoke on the series) catered to Number Six’s every need during the life of this bizarre spy fantasy series.

On the last episode, both the butler and Number Six escaped the Village.

Note: Born on September 24, 1930 in Malta, actor Angel Muscat us also known for his roles in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971) and Doctor Who (1963). He died on October 10, 1977 in England.

Little People, Big World

LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG WORLD/TLC/2006-2010/2014-2015 (Little People)

(Mathew & Amy Roloff) Mathew and Amy Roloff are featured in this in-depth documentary (filmed over six months and ten hour days) that follows the Roloffs – an extraordinary family composed of both little and average-sized people.

The show featured Amy who raised four children: 15-year-old twins, Jeremy and Zach (Jeremy is average height and Zach is a little person), 12-year-old Molly and 8-year-old Jacob.

Together Mathew and Amy own and operate Roloff Farms, a sprawling 34-acre farm in Oregon.

The documentary spawned additional seasons and episodes which ran from 2006 – 2015.

Land of the Giants

LAND OF THE GIANTS/ABC/1968-70 (Tiny Humans)

Captain Steve Burton (Gary Conway), the commander of a Sub-orbital craft (Flight No. 612) known as “The Spindrift” who was transporting passengers from the United States to London on June 16, 1983.


Mysteriously, a ripple in space and time transported the crew and ship into another dimension filled with humanoid giants 12 times their size. The seven earthlings on board the craft struggled to find away out of this LAND OF THE GIANTS.

The crew included co-pilot Dan Erikson (Don Marshall), and stewardess Betty Hamilton (Heather Young). Passenger list included Barry Lockridge, Mark Wilson, and Valerie Scott.