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THRESHOLD/CBS/2005-2006 (Little Person)

Arthur Ramsey (Peter Dinklage), a brilliant dwarf mathematician and linguist expert who is recruited by a covert government project called ‘Threshold’ to fight against an alien invasion. His task force is named the Red Team.


Arthur has a penchant for strip clubs and bemoans the fact that his top-secret assignment keeps him away from the bars and the babes.


TAXI/ABC/1978-83 (Short Person)

Louie De Palma (Danny DeVito/costar), a tyrannical dispatch operator for the New York City based Sunshine Cab Company who issued orders over the loudspeaker.


When Louie stepped out of his wire covered office, he was seen for what he was, a pint-sized little twerp of a manager with more faults than you could shake a stick at.

Louie was so despicable that he instructed his drivers not to pick up the handicapped because you could pick up four “normal” fares in the same period of time.

Louie often gave away taxi cab number 413 to anyone that irritated him. It’s dilapidated, non-roadworthy condition earned it the nickname “The Widow Maker.”

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Seinfeld (2)

SEINFELD/NBC/1990-98 (Little Person)

Mickey Abbott (Danny Woodburn), a hot-tempered, bearded, four-foot tall actor and buddy of “hipster dufus” Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards). The stark contrast to Kramer’s towering six-foot plus height and Mickey’s short stature provided a nice sight gag.


When Kramer volunteered to help Mickey with an audition, unfortunatley Cosmo couldn’t sit down because his pants were super tight. Angry because Kramer refused to sit down (as per the audition script), Mickey pummeled him.

The Mickey character was introduced in “The Stand-In,” the episode in which Kramer got a job as a stand-in on the soap opera ALL MY CHILDREN.

In subsequent episodes, Mickey plays a stand-in role for Punky Brewster, a stint as department-store elf, and portrayed a patient with “Bacterial Meningitis” for a group of aspiring medical students (Kramer played “Gonorrhea”).

Mickey wore lifts in his shoes to get that extra height, but he never let his height get in the way of romance with tall women. Mickey dated women that even Kramer wanted.

Mickey parents are normal-sized (played by Robert Wagner and Jill St. John).

Note: Actor Danny Charles Woodburn was born on July 26, 1964 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. An advocate for disabled and Little People issues, Woodburn serves on the Performers With Disabilities Committee of the Screen Actors Guild.

His other TV screen credits include TRACY TAKES ON (1996-1997) as Mitch Gibson; CONAN (1997-1998) as Otli the Dwarf; SPECIAL UNIT 2 (2001-2002) as Carl the Gnome; CHARMED (2002-2003) as the Head Dwarf; PASSIONS (2007-2008) as a Demon; CRASH & BURNSTEIN (2012-2014) as Mr. Poulos; BONES (2006/2013-2014) as Alex Radizwill; HAPPISH (2015) as Ernie Keebler; and NICKY, RICKY, DICKY & DAWN (2015) as Gayle.

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Little People, Big World

LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG WORLD/TLC/2006-2010/2014-2015 (Little People)

(Mathew & Amy Roloff) Mathew and Amy Roloff are featured in this in-depth documentary (filmed over six months and ten hour days) that follows the Roloffs – an extraordinary family composed of both little and average-sized people.

The show featured Amy who raised four children: 15-year-old twins, Jeremy and Zach (Jeremy is average height and Zach is a little person), 12-year-old Molly and 8-year-old Jacob.

Together Mathew and Amy own and operate Roloff Farms, a sprawling 34-acre farm in Oregon.

The documentary spawned additional seasons and episodes which ran from 2006 – 2015.

Get Smart

GET SMART/NBC/CBS/1965-70 (Little Person)

Mr. Big (Michael Dunn), a dwarfish spy working for KAOS, an international organization of evil.


Michael Dunn as Mr. Big encounters Control Agent Maxwell Smart

On the series pilot, Mr. Big steals a Doomsday Machine, kidnaps its inventor, and threatens to destroy major cities of the world unless he’s paid $100 million.

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Foul Play

FOUL PLAY/ABC/1981 (Little Persons)

(Greg & John Rice) Ben and Beau, a friendly pair of twin brothers (who happened to be dwarfs) living in San Francisco.


They were the landlords of Gloria Munday (Deborah Raffin), a beautiful librarian whose boyfriend was Tucker Pendleton (Barry Bostwick), a bumbling detective.

Note:  In reality, the Rice Brothers were successful real estate entrepreneurs.

The short-lived series was based on the hit theatrical movie Foul Play (1978) starring Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn.

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Fantasy Island

FANTASY ISLAND/ABC/1978-84 (Little Person & Injured leg)

Tattoo (Herve Villechaize/costar) , 3-foot 11-inch mischievous manservant dressed in a white suit who worked on the mysterious Fantasy Island where dreams came true.


When the airplane bearing guests to the island was seen on the horizon, Tattoo rushed to ring the bell in the mansion tower. There, he bellowed his catchphrase, “De plane!, De plane!”

Note: Villechaize left the series in 1983 over a salary dispute. In 1988, Villechaize wrote “I am a man trapped in a boy’s body. I accept it. But I do not have to like it.”

On September 4, 1994 Herve Villechaize mortally shot himself in the chest on the patio of his Los Angeles home. A suicide note revealed that, although he “loved everybody,” he could no longer bear his ailments. He had suffered medical problems from his undersized lungs and nearly died of pneumonia the year before.

The Paris-born actor wanted to allow a doctor specializing in dwarfism to study his remains and then he wanted to be cremated and his ashes distributed at sea.

Ricardo Montalban who costarred on the series also had a physical disability. Back in 1951, Montalban was thrown from his horse while portraying an Indian in Across the Wide Missouri (1951), a western starring Clark Gable. He landed on his back and suffered a spinal hemorrhage. The Mexican born-actor still had a telltale limp from that accident.

Family Law

FAMILY LAW/CBS/1999-2002 (Little Person)

Emily Resnick (Meredith Eaton), a feisty four-foot, three-inch attorney working for the law firm of Holt & Associates in Los Angeles, California.


Although short in stature, this didn’t effect Emily’s resolve to win cases for her clients.

The Emily Resnick character first appeared in the Fall 2001 season.

Conan the Adventurer

CONAN: THE ADVENTURER/SYN/1997-98 (Little Person)

Otli (Danny Woodburn/costar), the clever dwarf companion of the mighty warrior Conan the Barbarian (Ralf Moeller) who traveled the ancient world of Cimmeria in search of adventure.


Other members of the team were Zzeben (Robert McRay), a bald, mute gladiator; Bayu, a black warrior with martial arts skills; and Karella, “Queen of Thieves”(Aly Dunne).

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