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Blindspot/NBC/2015+ (Amnesia)

Jane “Remi” Doe (Jaimie Alexander), a woman found naked in Times Square with no memory and mysterious images tattooed on her body.


Agent Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) and his FBI team from the Bureau’s Critical Incident Response Group investigated the mysterious markings to uncover the true identity of this enigmatic female whom they kept in protective custody.

It is later revealed that Jane was born Alice Kruger in South Africa, then orphaned and trained as a child soldier by the apartheid regime. See eventually married FBI Agent Kurt Weller.


Twin Peaks

TWIN PEAKS/ABC/1990-91 (Hard of Hearing)

Chief Gordon Cole (David Lynch), Deputy Director of the FBI, formerly a Regional Bureau Chief.


Cole wears large hearing aids and shouts when he communicates with Agent Cooper who is investigating the death of Laura Palmer, a high school student found floating in water and wrapped in plastic in the town of Twin Peaks in the Northwestern USA. Chief Cole was played by David Lynch, the show’s producer.

Cole has difficulty understanding what is said to him and often replies with  inappropriate responses (like “Emily Litella“). Cole’s also uses strange coded sayings which baffle his colleagues.

He once said, “Cooper, you remind me today of a small Mexican chihuahua.” Of course, Cooper never finds out what that description actually means.

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