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Glee (2)

Glee/FOX/2009-2015 (Down Syndrome)

Rebecca “Becky” Faye Jackson (Lauren Potter), a member of the “Cheerios” cheer leading squad at William McKinley High School who has Down Syndrome. Becky is a sweet-hearted girl but she can be super brassy and a bit of a conniver.


Becky served as a secretary for Coach Susan “Sue” Rodham Sylvester. She helped the Coach with her schemes to destroy the school’s Glee Club, The New Directions and their teacher Will Shuester.

Becky is an excellent poker player; lactose intolerant; thinks making toast is silly, since bread is already baked; is a better speller than Britanny; can alter her inner thoughts voice to whatever she pleased (For example, she speaks like Queen Elizabeth II – voiced by the actress Helen Mirren); and Becky’s favorite movie is Schindler’s ListToy Story 3 is a “close second.”

Becky is one of the four characters featured on the show with Down’s Syndrome: The other three being Sue’s sister Jean Sylvester (Robin Trocki) [who dies in Season 2]; Jason (Luke Spinelli) [Becky’s date in Episode “Prom Queen”]; and Sue’s baby daughter, Robin Sylvester (Jordyn Orr). Coach Sue likes Becky because she reminds her of her sister, Jean.

The Becky Jackson character appeared in 56 episodes of the series from 2009-2015.

Some Becky related quotes from the GLEE show. 

Burt: How about “retard”? You call that nice girl in Cheerios with Kurt, you call her a retard?
Finn: Becky-no. She’s my friend, she’s got Down syndrome. I’d never call her that. That’s cruel.

Becky (to Blaine): I’m Queen Bee, and I can sting like a bitch! BZZ!

Becky (to Will): Give me chocolate or I will cut you!

Puck: So…uh… What should we do now?
Becky: Duh… Play Strip Poker! [whispers] I got condoms!
Kurt: Becky, Blaine and I are gay, remember?
Becky: Never stopped me before! [winks]

Becky: I made out with a girl.

Becky: [voiceover in a British accent] I, Becky Faye Jackson, am the hottest bitch at McKinley high school. I’m not only co-captain of the Cheerios, I’m president of the Perfect Attendance Club, and I won a participation award in rhythmic gymnastics. You may be wondering why I sound like the queen of England. It’s simple: in my mind, I can sound like whomever I want. So lay off, haters. Okay, let’s get reals. I could easily snag any dude east of the Mississippi, but I’m extremely picky. [sees Rory] For instance, Rory grins too much. He looks like an insane person. [sees Puck] Is that a mohawk, Puckerman, or did someone glue a squirrel to your head? [sees Mike] No Chang-do. I’m no rice queen.

Sue: Oh Becky, I’ve known ever since I tinker-tailor-soldier-spied my way into Figgins’s file cabinet and read the evaluation cards. And when I saw one written in crayon, I knew it was either you or Brittany, and you’re the better speller.

Becky: What if I go to college and everybody makes fun of me again? What if everybody calls me stupid like they always used to?
Artie: They won’t because you will have all these awesome professors and counselors and new friends that will have your back. And your old friends will have your back too. Like me.
Becky: You’re really my friend?
Artie: Always.

Will: I heard a rumor that you are making retirement plans.
Sue: Damn it, Becky. She tweeted it, didn’t she?

Note: Lauren Potter (aka, Becky Jackson)  was chosen by President Obama to join the ranks of the President’s Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities (PCPID), making her the first person on the committee with an intellectual disability appointed by the President.

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