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Action Man

Action Man/FOX/1995-96 (Amnesia)

Action Man, an amnesiac trying to unlock the mystery of his past. A combination of G.I. Joe and James Bond, this hero is a member of an elite multinational task force named Action Force headquartered on an space station orbiting earth.


Together with his fellow agents: Knuck, Natalie, and Jacques (a computer whiz in a wheel chair) Action Man battles the one-eyed, robotic handed terrorist Dr. X (Rolf Leendres) and his skull “Council of Doom”.

Based on a Hasbro line of action figure toys, the series featured live action segments before and after the main show. The live action Action Man was played by Mark Griffin.

Family Guy (3)

Family Guy/FOX/1999+ (Deaf Guy Character)

Greased-up Deaf Guy (Mike Henry), disabled character who lives in the town of Quahog, Rhode Island.


This slippery character likes to run around town in his underwear with his body slathered in grease. As he passes his fellow citizens, he taunts them with the phrase “You never gonna catch me.”

He first appeared on the episode “The Thin White Line” at the Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Factory company picnic during a contest where the deaf guy was released from a cage and employees tried to catch him. No one does and the GUDG runs into the nearby woods.

The Greased-up Deaf Guy origin is revealed during the episode “Yug Ylimaf” (Title in reverse). Apparently, he was late for a meeting one day and was the victim of a grease truck explosion which burned off his suit and rendered him deaf.

Family Guy (2)

Family Guy/FOX/1999+ (Wooden Arms/Legs and blind in one eye)

Seamus Levine (Seth McFarlane), disabled fisherman who lives in the town of Quahog, Rhode Island. Both his legs and arms are made of wood. He is also blind in his right eye and wears a black eye patch.


Seamus writes lame jokes, plays the organ, hosts a talk show, and has a habit of popping out of the shadows to warn Peter Griffin of some upcoming danger.

Hidden inside his wooden arm, Seamus carries a picture of a diseased prostate, a cat doing pull ups, a map of Middle Earth, and the band Primus in “Stewie Loves Lois.”

In the episode “The Blind Side” Seamus tells a woman (who also has wooden prosthetics), that his limbs are made of cheap plasterboard and he can’t get them wet.


When Glen Quagmire asked, ” So what, were you like, in an accident or something?” Seamus replies “No, me father was a tree.”  Seamus voids a pile of acorns when he is scared.

Seamus later reported that he was a wooden puppet created my actor James Wood, claiming in a spoof of Pinocchio that James Woods did not wish hard enough and that only his head turned human. He also said that James Woods ate his arms and legs during a drunken night on the town.

While relaxing in a steam sauna with his friends, Seamus was shown to have not only two wooden legs and arms, but also his torso was made of wood.

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The Simpsons (2)

The Simpsons/FOX/1989+ (Missing Arm)

Herman Hermann (Harry Shearer), the disabled owner of Herman’s Military Antiques in the town of Springfield, USA. He first appeared in the episode “Bart the General.”


Herman lost his right arm when a speeding truck ripped it off his body. There are two stories regarding how it happened. One states it was torn off when he stuck it out a window of a school bus, while the other claims he lost his arm when a Springfield Animal Control truck sped by as Herman hailed a car. (Episode “To Cur, With Love”).


Herman is a skilled military tactician. He is a friend of Abe Simpson.  and plays poker with Abe’s son, Homer Simpson. Herman prefers eating insects (Insectivorian), and is a member of The Stonecutters Lodge.

NOTE: In The Simpsons Comics #100 – “Clip Clip Hooray!”, Herman tells people that he lost his arm in an accident, but actually wore it down to a nub by drawing so many comics.

Saddle Rash

Saddle Rash/CARTOON NETWORK (Adult Swim)/2002  (No Arms)

Slim (Sam Seder), an armless gunfighter seeks revenge on Tommy Morgan (H. Jon Benjamin) an outlaw hiding out near a small town in the Old West.


Before his final encounter with Tommy Morgan, Slim meets and falls in love with Hanna Headstrong (Sarah Silverman), a local rancher’s daughter.

When Slim meets two of Morgan’s loud-mouth outlaws in a saloon, Slim tells the big guy that he has a message for him, but it is under his hat. When the big guy lifts off Slim’s hat, he head-butts the big guy and knocks him out. Consequently, the man’s partner draws on Slim who kicks the gun from his hand and kicks him in the crotch.

The series only ran one episode.

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Extreme Ghostbusters

Extreme Ghostbusters/SYN/1997 (Wheelchair)

Garrett Miller (voiced by Jason Marsden), paraplegic member a group of teenagers known as Ghostbusters who track down supernatural entities all over New York City. Garrett was born not being able to walk and uses a wheelchair to get around. He is headstrong, enthusiastic, claustrophobic, a fan of extreme sports and studies to be a Physical Therapist so he can help the disabled.


The Ghostbusters are lead by Dr. Egon Spengler (voiced by Maurice LaMarche), who teaches a Paranormal 101 class at New York City College. He still lives in the firehouse used as the headquarters by the original Ghostbusters team. Janine Melnitz (voiced by Pat Musick), the Ghostbusters’ former receptionist assists Egon.

The remaining members of the new team recruited to battle the supernatural included:

  • Kylie Griffin (voiced by Tara Charendoff), a goth girl genius with black hair and lipstick. She is an expert on the occult and lives alone with her cat.
  • Eduardo Rivera (voiced by Rino Romano) , a sarcastic Latino slacker. He likes to chase the ladies,  but when trouble comes, he is ready for action.
  • Roland Jackson (voiced by Alfonso Ribeiro) , an African-American whiz with machinery who helps Egon maintain the Ecto-1 vehicle and Proton Packs used to capture ghosts.
  • Slimer (voiced by Billy West), a hungry green ghost who used to hang out with the original Ghostbusters.

Note: EXTREME GHOSTBUSTERS, as well as the animated series THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS/ABC/1986-88 (later revamped as SLIMER! AND THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS/ABC/1988-92) were spin-offs of the motion picture Ghostbusters (1984).

South Park

South Park/Comedy Central/1997-2019 (Crutches / Stutterer)

Jimmy Valmer (voiced by Trey Parker), disabled ten-year-old boy who attends fourth grade at South Park Elementary School in the town of South Park, Colorado. He has brown hair with sideburns and wears a yellow long-sleeved shirt, blue jeans and black boots. He also wears braces and must use crutches to get around.


Jimmy aspires to be a stand-up comedian but has a problem with stuttering which interferes with his comic delivery on stage. Jimmy’s catchphrase is “Wow, what a terrific audience!” An example of one of his jokes: “I just flew into South Park and boy, my crutches are tired.”

He also loves to sing, but when he sang “Twelve Days of Christmas” at City Hall, his stutter lengthened the song to the point the audience got tired of listening to him.

Jimmy is friends with Timmy Burch (voiced by Trey Parker), another disabled youth with a strange combination of palsy and Tourette syndrome. They first met as adversaries in “Cripple Fight!” as members of Mountain Scouts (Troop Number 69) but have since become buddies.

Jimmy and Timmy interact with Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman and Kenny McCormick – four local boys who attend South Park Elementary.

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Waynehead/Kid’s WB/1996-1997 (Club Foot)

Damien “Damey” Wayne (voiced by Orlando Brown), 10-year-old black boy with a club foot who lives in a poor inner-city neighborhood in lower Manhattan and tries to cope with the problems of pre-adolescence. Damey wears a large black shoe with a metal brace on his right leg.


Damey likes to take things apart (although putting things back together was another matter). And with money hard to come by, Damey uses his creativity by building his own toys from material found around the neighborhood.

Damey’s friends are:

  • Toof (voiced by Shawn Wayans),
  • Mo’ Money (voiced by Jamil Walker Smith),
  • Marvin (voiced by Tico Wells),
  • Roz (voiced by T’Keyah Crystal Keymáh).

Damey also has a cousin from Los Angeles named Three Hats, and canine companion named Tripod who was missing a leg (seen on episode “Rebel Without A Paw”). His other friends are Monique, Shavonne, Kevin and Blue.

Day-to-day adventures in the life of Damey Wayne and his pals included:

  • Getting Damey’s Mom to the hospital when she goes into labor at the library.
  • Dealing with the Hydrant of Doom.
  • Battle with the school bully turns into a contest of insults.
  • Rescuing Roz from junkyard dogs.
  • Search for fireworks for the night of the Fourth of July.
  • Asking his dad to coach a basketball game (but dad sucks on the court).
  • Hiding the fact the Damey has a role in an opera. (“To be cool or not to be cool”)
  • Damey tries to earn money for the Harlem Week Festival.

Note: WAYNEHEAD is a Canadian-American Saturday morning animated series created by American actor Damon Wayans. It was produced by Warner Bros. Animation and Nelvana. The series lasted for only one season. Nineteen extra episodes were created on BET! Network, including a special episode “Damey and his Pals’ Christmas Carol.”

The cartoon series was inspired by the childhood of film/TV actor Damon Wayans, own childhood in the Chelsea neighborhood in the New York City Borough of Manhattan. Wayans, like his character Damey, had a club foot.

The term  “Waynehead” comes from home-sheared haircuts given to Damey and his brothers.

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Inch High, Private Eye

Inch High, Private Eye/NBC/1973-1974 (Tiny Detective)

Inch High (voiced by Lennie Weinrib) is a pint-sized private eye in a trenchcoat who works for the Finkerton Detective Agency. His cantankerous boss, Mr. Finkerton (voiced by John Stephenson) dislikes Inch and is always looking for ways to fire him.


While on assignment, Inch rides in an electric vehicle called the “Hushmobile.” Its quiet engine makes no noise as it tails suspects and criminals like Spumoni the Great, Mr. Midas, or King Ra.

“The world’s biggest little detective. Inch High, Private Eye.”

Inch is assisted by his clever niece, Lori (voiced by Kathy Gori) who communicates with a Compact-phone stored in her purse; her hulking, dimwitted boyfriend, Gator (voiced by Bob Lutell) who drives the Hushmobile; and Inch’s loyal, St. Bernard dog, Braveheart (voiced by Don Messick) who often falls asleep on the job. On occasion, Inch teams with Super Flea (a mechanical insect) and Goldie, the world’s greatest goldfish.


Note: The 13-episode cartoon was created by Hanna-Barbera Studios. Reruns of the 30-minute animated series have been aired on USA Cartoon Express, Cartoon Network (as part of the Mysteries, Inc. block) and Boomerang.

The Inch High character is reminiscent of tiny heroes like Atom Ant (Hanna-Barbera), The Atom (DC Comics) and Ant Man (Marvel Comics).

The Finkerton Detective Agency is a spoof of the Pinkerton Detective Agency, one of the first detective agencies in the United States of America.


Family Guy

FAMILY GUY/FOX/1999+ (Wheelchair)

Joe Swanson (voice by Patrick Warburton), a crippled police officer confined to a wheelchair who lives in the town of Quahog, Rhode Island. Joe suffers from impotence and incontinence.


In episode “Joe’s Revenge” we learn that Joe lost the use of his legs in a fight with Bobby “The Shirt” Briggs, whom Joe later kills. In an earlier episode, “A Hero Sits Next Door” Joe claimed he was crippled stopping The Grinch from stealing Christmas from an orphanage.

Joe is married with two children (Kevin and Susie). His wife, Bonnie is a soft-spoken woman who used to work as a stripper. She once tried to shoot Joe to paralyze him but she was such a lousy shot, Joe shot himself. In episode “Foreign Affairs,” Bonnie goes to Paris and nearly leaves Joe for a French man in a wheelchair named Francois.


Kevin, their first born allegedly died in the Iraq War, but it is later revealed he was in a coma following a bomb (placed inside a turkey during Thanksgiving) and so he faked his own death and went AWOL. Susie Swanson, the second child, is still a baby.

Joe’s friends include neighbor Peter Griffin (voice by Seth MacFarlane), a bumbling blue-collar worker who works at the Happy Go Lucky Toy Factory and later the Pawtucket Brewery; Glenn Quagmire (voice by Seth MacFarlane), a single, sex-addicted airline pilot who is always saying  “Giggity” and “Alright”; and Cleveland (voice by Mike Henry), a mild-mannered African American deli owner. Their favorite hang out is a bar called “The Drunken Clam.”