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Saturday Night Live (4)

Saturday Night Live/NBC/2008-2013 (Tiny Hands/Big Forehead)


Dooneese (played by Kristen Wiig) is one of the Maharelle Sister from Finger Lakes, who performed on THE LAWRENCE WELK SHOW, a popular musical program whose reruns aired on the PBS Network. The Maharelle Sisters were a parody of the Lennon Sisters (Dianne, Peggy, Kathy, and Janet) who frequently appeared on the show.

Unlike her other sisters, Dooneese is not the most attractive gal in the group. She sports a protruding canine tooth, a very large forehead, and tiny hands the size of an infants.

When it comes time for the sisters to perform on stage, each sister takes their turn singing, with Dooneese singing last. While her sisters are always very lady like, Dooneese often makes sexual advances toward any men on the stage.

Dooneese also appeared in a musical remake of THE SOUND OF MUSIC where she appeared as a member of the Von Trapp Family.

Played by comedian Kristen Wiig, Dooneese was a recurring character on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE from 2008-2013. Her catchphrases were: “Is that bad?” and “And I’m Dooneese.”

Silent Witness

Silent Witness/BBC/1996-2019 (Wheelchair / Medical Disability)

Clarissa Mullery (Liz Carr), a disabled female in an electric wheelchair who works as a personal lab assistant for a team of forensic pathology experts as they investigate various crimes in the Cambridge and London areas of Great Britain.


Clarissa first appeared in Season 15 on episode “Change” (2013), when Dr Cunningham accepts a position in New York City and is replaced by forensics expert Jack Hodgson David Caves) who brings along his long-time assistant Clarissa Mullery to work with him at the Lyell Centre.

Note: Actress Liz Carr has used a wheelchair since the age of seven due to her disability known as arthrogryposis multiplex congenita. She is a comedian, broadcaster and international disability rights activist, who studied law at the University of Nottingham.


Family Guy (2)

Family Guy/FOX/1999+ (Wooden Arms/Legs and blind in one eye)

Seamus Levine (Seth McFarlane), disabled fisherman who lives in the town of Quahog, Rhode Island. Both his legs and arms are made of wood. He is also blind in his right eye and wears a black eye patch.


Seamus writes lame jokes, plays the organ, hosts a talk show, and has a habit of popping out of the shadows to warn Peter Griffin of some upcoming danger.

Hidden inside his wooden arm, Seamus carries a picture of a diseased prostate, a cat doing pull ups, a map of Middle Earth, and the band Primus in “Stewie Loves Lois.”

In the episode “The Blind Side” Seamus tells a woman (who also has wooden prosthetics), that his limbs are made of cheap plasterboard and he can’t get them wet.


When Glen Quagmire asked, ” So what, were you like, in an accident or something?” Seamus replies “No, me father was a tree.”  Seamus voids a pile of acorns when he is scared.

Seamus later reported that he was a wooden puppet created my actor James Wood, claiming in a spoof of Pinocchio that James Woods did not wish hard enough and that only his head turned human. He also said that James Woods ate his arms and legs during a drunken night on the town.

While relaxing in a steam sauna with his friends, Seamus was shown to have not only two wooden legs and arms, but also his torso was made of wood.

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The Simpsons (2)

The Simpsons/FOX/1989+ (Missing Arm)

Herman Hermann (Harry Shearer), the disabled owner of Herman’s Military Antiques in the town of Springfield, USA. He first appeared in the episode “Bart the General.”


Herman lost his right arm when a speeding truck ripped it off his body. There are two stories regarding how it happened. One states it was torn off when he stuck it out a window of a school bus, while the other claims he lost his arm when a Springfield Animal Control truck sped by as Herman hailed a car. (Episode “To Cur, With Love”).


Herman is a skilled military tactician. He is a friend of Abe Simpson.  and plays poker with Abe’s son, Homer Simpson. Herman prefers eating insects (Insectivorian), and is a member of The Stonecutters Lodge.

NOTE: In The Simpsons Comics #100 – “Clip Clip Hooray!”, Herman tells people that he lost his arm in an accident, but actually wore it down to a nub by drawing so many comics.


Lost/ABC/2004-2010 (Wheelchair)

John Locke (Terry O’Quinn), a middle aged man confined to a wheelchair after falling out of a window while fighting his father who had conned his way back into John’s life and suckered him into giving him a kidney.


After spending four years in a wheelchair, John decides to travel to Australia for a Walkabout but is denied the right to do so by a Melbourne Travel Tour Agent. Defiant, John shouts, “Don’t tell me what I can’t do. Ever!”

Returning to America, John boards Oceanic Flight 815 from Sydney to Los Angeles which later crashes on a mysterious remote Pacific island where John is miraculously healed and can suddenly walk again. He soon becomes a leader among the surviving passengers of the doomed flight.


Committed/NBC/2005 (Wheelchair)

Todd (RonReaco Lee), black male in a wheelchair who works at a shoe repair shop in New York City and interacts with a group of eccentric singles, including Bowie, Nate and Marni who has a “dying clown” (Tom Poston) living in her closet (he came with the apartment).


In the pilot episode, Nate arrives at a restaurant where he is expecting to have his first date with Marni, but he finds Todd sitting at the table. Nate asks Marni if she can tell Todd to go because he doesn’t want to share his first date with another person. Marni obliges, and Todd informs the waiter, he has to go. The waiter appears with a wheelchair which Todd mounts and awkwardly rolls out of the place while Nate is left to feel terrible that he just kicked out a disabled man from the restaurant.

Later, on the episode “The Return of Todd,” Todd shows up at Nate’s used record store with Marni. However, the shop is located below street level with no handicapped access since the place was built in 1933. Nate offers to carry Todd down into the store, but Todd declines and then tells Marni to shout out the names of the albums and describe what the covers look like. When it starts to rain, Todd says, “It’s my own fault for wearing suede.” At the end of the episode, Nate installs a wheelchair access ramp at the store, but, the angle is too steep and Todd speeds down the ramp and into a wall.

Some Todd Quotes From The Show

Nate Solomon: Marni suggested we do something together.
Todd: Alright, how about Saturday?
Nate Solomon: Saturday’s no good. I’m doing something.
Todd: What’s that?
Nate Solomon: Basketball.
Todd: Oh, I see. You think I can’t play basketball because I’m in a wheelchair.
Nate Solomon: No, I think you’re a great basketball player.
Todd: Why? Cause I’m black?

[Nate visits Todd to get his sneakers fixed]
Nate Solomon: They jam into my arches when I jump. You know what I’m talking about?
Todd: Oh, sure, sure! I jumped once in a dream.

SeeCOMMITTED – Episode “The Return of Todd” @ YouTube

Saddle Rash

Saddle Rash/CARTOON NETWORK (Adult Swim)/2002  (No Arms)

Slim (Sam Seder), an armless gunfighter seeks revenge on Tommy Morgan (H. Jon Benjamin) an outlaw hiding out near a small town in the Old West.


Before his final encounter with Tommy Morgan, Slim meets and falls in love with Hanna Headstrong (Sarah Silverman), a local rancher’s daughter.

When Slim meets two of Morgan’s loud-mouth outlaws in a saloon, Slim tells the big guy that he has a message for him, but it is under his hat. When the big guy lifts off Slim’s hat, he head-butts the big guy and knocks him out. Consequently, the man’s partner draws on Slim who kicks the gun from his hand and kicks him in the crotch.

The series only ran one episode.

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Book Group, The

The Book Group/UK (Channel 4)/2002-2003 (Wheelchair)

Kenny McLeod (Rory McCann), an aspiring paraplegic writer in a wheelchair who joins a Book Group formed by Clare Pettengill (Anne Dudek), a newly arrived American to the city of Glascow, Scotland who sought for make new friends.


Because Clare lives in an apartment house with no elevators, Kenny brings his two brothers along to carry him upstairs so he can attend the Book Group.

Other members of this dysfunctional weekly book group included three unhappy European football wives, a pretentious drug-addict student (who later dies of an overdose), and a closet-homosexual football enthusiast. THE BOOK GROUP (Ep. #1).

Kenny McLeod: Harriet, maybe it’s not working out, this living together.
Harriet: What are you talking about?
Kenny McLeod: Well, there’s not a lot of space here and with me working at home and all…
Harriet: Are you dumping me?
Kenny McLeod: No, I’m just saying I don’t think we should live together.
Harriet: My God. This is extraordinary. We’re having our first row, and you’re dumping me. You bastard! How dare you abuse me like this, Kenny McLeod you misogynistic brute! Women born after 1985 don’t put up with this sort of shit! Ever!



Mom/CBS/2013+ (Wheelchair)

Adam Janikowski (William Fichtner), a former stunt man injured while snowboarding off a cliff on the job who now uses a wheelchair to get around. Adam is the love interest of Bonnie Plunkett (Allison Janney), a cynical recovering addict who attends AA meetings.


Bonnie met Adam accidentally when he dialed the wrong number and Bonnie answered the phone. After several phone conversations, Adam and Bonnie agreed to meet for a date, but Adam backed out at the last minute because he was afraid of revealing his disability. He eventually moved in with Bonnie.

Adam is funny, intelligent, independent and enjoys drinking beer and having sex. He left Bonnie when he found employment as a stunt coordinator for a film shooting overseas.

Adam’s character was introduced as a recurring role during season 3 (2015-16) and became a regular character during season 4 (2016-2017).

Adam was criticized by some viewers because his character was not played by a disabled person.

Hop-Along Cassidy

Hop-Along Cassidy/NBC/1949  (Limp)

William Boyd starred as the silver-haired western hero Hop-Along Cassidy who championed the cause of justice in the Old West. He was assisted by sidekicks Gabby Hayes/Andy Clyde in his “B” movies (reedited for TV) and Red Connors (Edgar Buchanan) on the television series HOP-ALONG CASSIDY/NBC/1949.


“Hoppy” derived his nickname from his creator, New York writer Clarence E. Mulford (1883-1956) who originally conceived his hero in the novel “Bar-20” (1907) as a tough, tobacco-chewing, hard-drinking cowboy with a limp, hence “Hop-Along.”

However, when William Boyd took the reigns of the character, he cleaned up the foul-mouthed western star and transformed him into a pristine cowboy hero dressed in black who rode tall in the saddle atop a white horse named Topper. About the only thing he didn’t discard was his name “Hop-Along.” The limp was explained away with a simple healing of his leg.

Note: William Boyd purchased the rights to his own films in the 1940s and subsequently received seventy million dollars when he sold his feature film rights to television.