Category: Disease Impaired – Epilepsy

Nash Bridges (2)

NASH BRIDGES/CBS/1996-2001 (Epilepsy)

Antwon Babcock (Cress Williams), black police detective assigned to the SIU division of the San Francisco Police Department. His character was introduced in the fall 2000 season.


On the episode NO. 617 “Blood Bots’ (aired 3/30/01) Antwon accompanied a group of officers to a warehouse to find a techno geek whose robot robbed a convenience store and killed the clerk on duty.

While busting into a warehouse, a rigged strobe light designed to blind the officers to booby traps, flashed brightly in the officers eyes. Immediately Detective Babcock retreated from the scene saying: “I gotta get out of here.”

Later, one of his fellow officers (Det. Dominguez) discretely noted that Antwon’s actions reflected someone who exhibited signs of epilepsy.

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7th Heaven

7th HEAVEN/WB/1996-2007 (Epilepsy)

Tom Harrison (Paul Johansson), former pastor at the Glenoak church based in the town of Glenoak, California.


On episode No. 17 “Choices” Tom returns to Glenoak to visit the Camdens.

Tom was Reverend Eric Camden’s assistant pastor before moving to his own congregation. Unfortunately, Tom had a secret. He had epilepsy and was ashamed to let anyone know about it.

When he had a grand mal seizure in front of his new congregation he felt that he could no longer stay in the church after seeing the looks of his parishioners when he awoke.

He visited with the Camdens and after a soul searching few days, he told Pastor Camden about his condition.

Eventually, Tom realized he couldn’t run away from his problem or his congregation and decided to return to his flock.