Nowhere Man

Nowhere Man/UPN/1995-96 (Brainwashing / Manipulated Memory)

Thomas Veil (Bruce Greenwood), a photojournalist whose identity has been “erased.” His wife and friends claim not to know him, his credit cards no longer work.]


Thomas believes all that is happening is due to photograph called the “Hidden Agenda” that captured the execution of four men in South America by American soldiers.

To resolve his situation, Thomas searches for the negatives of the image that might somehow shed light on his dilemma. But following right behind are members of a mysterious organization who want to negatives for themselves.

After 25 episodes of crisscrossing the country in search of the negatives, Tom discovers the “Hidden Agenda” photo does not exist. They were part of an FBI brainwashing program that implanted the fictional identity of Thomas Veil into his mind. Thomas (his real name never revealed) was part of an FBI training exercise. Shades of BOURNE IDENTITY and THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE.

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