Fifth Corner, The

The Fifth Corner/NBC/1992 (Amnesia)

Richard Braun (Alex McArthur), a man who wakes up next to a dead woman in bed. He has no recollection of his identity. And when he returns home, he discovers such items as designer clothes, weapons, fake IDs and passports, which leads him to believe that he is a deep-undercover spy.


Aided by Boone (J.E. Freeman), a comic book reading sidekick/driver, Braun sets out to learn his real identity. On their trail is a red-headed reporter named Erica Fontaine (Kim Delaney). who seeks to learn more about who Braun is.

“He woke up and couldn’t remember who he was. Where he’d been or what he’d done. Then he discovered he was not just one man, but many. A spy with many talents. An operative for a billionaire’s secret organization that wants him back. His only chance to survive lies with a woman who holds the key to his past and knows the secrets of his soul. So he’s running for his life. Trying to discover who he is and why we call him…The Fifth Corner.”

Braun was formerly employed by The Corporation headed by Dr. Granwell (James Coburn), an evil billionaire who hopes to bring Alex back into the fold so he can retrieve a mysterious diary (a laptop with details of all his assignments).

Braun is called “George” by his nefarious co-workers and that he is a man of many names. One of those is a nickname “The Fifth Corner” because when there was no way out he would find one.

Granwell is assisted by a beautiful, blind, female companion (Julia Nickson-Soul) and his second in command “The Hat” (Anthony Valentine) who commands a minion of assassins and psychopaths who were all at the disposal of Granwell’s wishes.

The Fifth Corner was a short-lived television series (6 episodes) which aired on NBC in 1992. The two-hour pilot aired on April 17, 1992.

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