Inhumans, The

The Inhumans/ABC/2017 (Sign Language)

Black Bolt (Anson Mount), the leader of the mutant Inhumans society who lives on the Moon in the secret city of Attilan. Black Bolt’s voice is so powerful that even an utterance can destroy anything or anyone in his path. He communicates using sign language.


When Black was a baby, he was placed in a sound dampening chamber to protect members of his family and his society from his devastating voice. As he grew, he learned to control his ability and so became a leader of his people.

Sadly, during his teenage years, Black Bolt accidentally killed his parents in a moment of frustration when he spoke the word “Why?” They were instantly vaporized by the sound of his voice.

Note: Black Bolt and the Inhumans first appeared in the Marvel comic Fantastic Four #45 (1965) whose front cover depicted the phrase: “Among Us Hide…the Inhumans!”


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