The Simpsons (2)

The Simpsons/FOX/1989+ (Missing Arm)

Herman Hermann (Harry Shearer), the disabled owner of Herman’s Military Antiques in the town of Springfield, USA. He first appeared in the episode “Bart the General.”


Herman lost his right arm when a speeding truck ripped it off his body. There are two stories regarding how it happened. One states it was torn off when he stuck it out a window of a school bus, while the other claims he lost his arm when a Springfield Animal Control truck sped by as Herman hailed a car. (Episode “To Cur, With Love”).


Herman is a skilled military tactician. He is a friend of Abe Simpson.  and plays poker with Abe’s son, Homer Simpson. Herman prefers eating insects (Insectivorian), and is a member of The Stonecutters Lodge.

NOTE: In The Simpsons Comics #100 – “Clip Clip Hooray!”, Herman tells people that he lost his arm in an accident, but actually wore it down to a nub by drawing so many comics.

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