Committed/NBC/2005 (Wheelchair)

Todd (RonReaco Lee), black male in a wheelchair who works at a shoe repair shop in New York City and interacts with a group of eccentric singles, including Bowie, Nate and Marni who has a “dying clown” (Tom Poston) living in her closet (he came with the apartment).


In the pilot episode, Nate arrives at a restaurant where he is expecting to have his first date with Marni, but he finds Todd sitting at the table. Nate asks Marni if she can tell Todd to go because he doesn’t want to share his first date with another person. Marni obliges, and Todd informs the waiter, he has to go. The waiter appears with a wheelchair which Todd mounts and awkwardly rolls out of the place while Nate is left to feel terrible that he just kicked out a disabled man from the restaurant.

Later, on the episode “The Return of Todd,” Todd shows up at Nate’s used record store with Marni. However, the shop is located below street level with no handicapped access since the place was built in 1933. Nate offers to carry Todd down into the store, but Todd declines and then tells Marni to shout out the names of the albums and describe what the covers look like. When it starts to rain, Todd says, “It’s my own fault for wearing suede.” At the end of the episode, Nate installs a wheelchair access ramp at the store, but, the angle is too steep and Todd speeds down the ramp and into a wall.

Some Todd Quotes From The Show

Nate Solomon: Marni suggested we do something together.
Todd: Alright, how about Saturday?
Nate Solomon: Saturday’s no good. I’m doing something.
Todd: What’s that?
Nate Solomon: Basketball.
Todd: Oh, I see. You think I can’t play basketball because I’m in a wheelchair.
Nate Solomon: No, I think you’re a great basketball player.
Todd: Why? Cause I’m black?

[Nate visits Todd to get his sneakers fixed]
Nate Solomon: They jam into my arches when I jump. You know what I’m talking about?
Todd: Oh, sure, sure! I jumped once in a dream.

SeeCOMMITTED – Episode “The Return of Todd” @ YouTube

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