Book Group, The

The Book Group/UK (Channel 4)/2002-2003 (Wheelchair)

Kenny McLeod (Rory McCann), an aspiring paraplegic writer in a wheelchair who joins a Book Group formed by Clare Pettengill (Anne Dudek), a newly arrived American to the city of Glascow, Scotland who sought for make new friends.


Because Clare lives in an apartment house with no elevators, Kenny brings his two brothers along to carry him upstairs so he can attend the Book Group.

Other members of this dysfunctional weekly book group included three unhappy European football wives, a pretentious drug-addict student (who later dies of an overdose), and a closet-homosexual football enthusiast. THE BOOK GROUP (Ep. #1).

Kenny McLeod: Harriet, maybe it’s not working out, this living together.
Harriet: What are you talking about?
Kenny McLeod: Well, there’s not a lot of space here and with me working at home and all…
Harriet: Are you dumping me?
Kenny McLeod: No, I’m just saying I don’t think we should live together.
Harriet: My God. This is extraordinary. We’re having our first row, and you’re dumping me. You bastard! How dare you abuse me like this, Kenny McLeod you misogynistic brute! Women born after 1985 don’t put up with this sort of shit! Ever!


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