90210/CW/2008-2013 (Bipolar Disorder)

Erin Silver (Jessica Stroup) is a teenager with bipolar disorder. She attends West Beverly High School and aspires to be a filmmaker. She is the younger half sister of David and Taylor Silver who lived in Beverly Hills, California.


As Erin struggles with her bipolar disorder, she exhibits reckless behavior, (hurling wine bottles, setting garbage cans on fire), rambling speech, grandiose ideas, hypersexuality, lack of sleep, euphoria, confusion and destructive tendencies.

When Erin was diagnosed with bipolar, she was frustrated at having to maintain a strict regimen, including a keeping a regular schedule for meals and sleep, taking her medication, seeing her therapist, keeping a journal and avoiding anything stimulating.

On one occasion, Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes), Erin’s alleged best friend switches her Bipolar medication with placebos and tries to steal her boyfriend, Navid (Michael Steger). Without her proper prescription, Erin spins out of control, dyes her hair red, and then has to be admitted to a psych ward for observation. Later, Adrianna’s mean deed is exposed and Erin reunites with Navid.

During her manic episode, Erin aced her interview with the representative from New York University, but then she totally blew her chances for acceptance by calling him about 1,000 times afterwards with every random thought in her head.

Whenever possible Erin’s sister, Kelly Taylor (Jennie Garth), a guidance counselor at West Beverly High School tried to help Erin maintain a rigorous routine. It was also revealed that the birth mother of Erin’s friend, Dixon Wilson suffered from bipolar disorder.

Note: The Erin Silver character (Mercedes Kastner) appeared in 17 episodes of the original series BEVERLY HILLS 90210 (1997-2000) and 114 episodes of the sequel series 90210 (2008-2013).

On the series finale, Erin Silver (Jessica Stroup) was diagnosed with cancer. Earlier in the series, Erin had reconnected with her estranged mother who died of breast cancer.

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