In The Flesh

In the Flesh/BBC/2013-2014 (Leukemia)

Amy Dyer (Emily Bevan), young woman who lived in the village of Roarton, Lancashire in the United Kingdom. Raised by her grandmother, Amy died of Leukemia at age 21. Her gravestone epitaph reads “Amy Dyer 1988-2009 “Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” (A poem by Dylan Thomas).


Shortly after her death, Amy Dyer and thousands of other people who died in 2009 were mysteriously re-animated as rabid zombies who began to search the countryside for living flesh to consume.This ushered in “The Pale Wars” as armed militias hunted down and destroyed the living dead threatening their lives.

In the interim, medical research discovered a serum (ULA) that controlled the zombie plague and returned consciousness to the victim’s body. Amy and the surviving zombies were given daily injections of the medication to maintain normalcy. These sufferers of Partially Deceased Syndrome (PDS) were given contacts and cosmetics to cover their faces to fit in with the rest of the community. Amy and others of her kind were called “rotters” by the villagers.

For some unknown reason, Amy becomes fully human again, but is stabbed in the heart by Maxine Martin, who thought Amy’s death would bring a Second Rising. After her funeral, the ground above her Amy’s grave begins to move. It is then, Agents of Halperin & Westin enter the graveyard with shovels intent on rescuing Amy who has apparently started to rise again.

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