Black Box

Black Box/ABC/2014 (Bipolar)

Catherine Black (Kelly Riley), a world-famous neuroscientist known as “the Marco Polo of the brain” who works at the Neuroscience Research and Treatment Center aka “The Cube.”


The institution attracts patients from all over the world with rare and often hallucinogenic conditions, like alien-hand syndrome, Capgras delusion, Jerusalem syndrome, narcolepsy, exploding head syndrome and schizophrenia.

Despite her success, Dr. Black has a secret. She has a bipolar disorder and is subject to abrupt, extreme mood swings from manic to depressive. Her psychiatrist Dr. Helen Hartramph (Vanessa Redgrave) is the only one who knows her secret. Catherine’s mother also suffered from a bipolar disorder. She committed suicide by drowning herself in the ocean.

Catherine frequently refuses to take her medication because she fears becoming dull or, worse, “normal,” which leads her to sleep around, perch on hotel balcony railings while drunk and dance to music that only she can hear. Her chef boyfriend, Will Van Renseller (David Ajala) prefers Catherine’s personality when she is off her medication.

Eventually, after Catherine experiences hallucinations, her colleagues learn of her bipolar disorder. Her boss lets her keep her job, on the condition he monitors her progress.

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