Arrested Development (2)

Arrested Development/FOX/2003-2006/NETFLIX/2013+ (Mentally Challenged)

Rita Leeds (Charlize Theron), a child-like, fun-loving English woman who became the romantic interest of Micheal Bluth (Jason Batemen), a widowed single father, who lives in Newport Beach, California. Michael is the CEO and President of the Bluth Company.


After Rita’s parents (who were cousins) passed away, Rita inherited Wee Britain, a British themed district in Orange County, California where Rita and her Uncle Trevor now live. Rita attends Slowbrooke School, an academic institution for the mentally challenged.

Michael Bluth first met Rita when he visited Wee Britain to check records at the British Better Business Bureau. When he sees Rita, he is smitten and asks her out on a date. Later, Michael visits Slowbrooke School and he thinks that Rita is a teacher.

Rita: Oh, no, not in the morning, no. I’ll be back at Slowbrooke.
Michael: Slowbrooke. The private school? Oh, you teach kids, huh?
Rita: I like to think they teach me.
Michael: Like what, how to eat crayons, throw tantrums…
Rita: Oh, no, not when I’m there. I’m very good.

Michael is impressed when Rita tells him she won a Silver Medal in the Olympics, not realizing she meant the Special Olympics. When Rita calls Michael a “pussy” he thinks Rita thinks he is a weakling, but in the British language, the term means “sweetheart.”

Eventually, Michael and Rita get engaged, that is, until Rita’s Uncle Trevor reveals that his niece was an “MR F” (Mentally Retarded Female). Apparently, her disability was masked by her British accent.


Rita Leeds’ bracelet identifying her as a “Mentally Retarded Female”

Note: Rita Leeds appeared in five episodes of Season Three, and later was seen in photographs in two additional episodes.

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