Mind Games

Mind Games/ABC/2014 (Bipolar)

Clark Edwards (Steve Zahn), a former psychology professor and human behavior expert with a bipolar disorder who teams with his scam artist brother, Ross Edwards (Christian Slater) to create Edwards & Associates based in Chicago, Illinois.


Their agency provides nontraditional solutions via lies, deceptions and manipulation to solve problems for a unique clientele. Edwards & Associates support staff included Latrell Griffin (Cedric Sanders), Megan Shane (Megalyn Echikunwoke), Samantha “Sam” Gordon (Jaime Ray Newman), and Miles Hood (Gregory Marcel).

While Clark Edwards is brilliant at “Jedi mind tricks,” he sometimes refuses to take his bi-polar medication because he feels “Drugs stop the music…Music is where all the ideas come from.” On one occasion, the lack of meds caused him to stalk his ex-girlfriend, send her 15 to 20 voice mails a day, 20,000-word emails, as well as throwing a brick through the window of the apartment she no longer lived in.

Initially, Clark was a respected professor until he had an affair with a student named Beth Scott (Katherine Cunningham) and got fired over it. Later, it’s revealed that his brother Ross (who was convicted of securities fraud) paid the student to seduce Clark to get him fired so they could start a business together. Beth was Ross’s girlfriend.

Their cases at Edwards & Associates involved such problems as:

  • Cajole an insurance company into approving an expensive operation.
  • Helping parents get their daughter out of a Cult.
  • Convince a man to be a whistleblower at his job.
  • An adulterer wants to get rid of his mistress and keep his wife.
  • Convince a surrogate mother to change her mind and give up her baby.
  • Get members of a rock band to reunite.
  • Manipulate a bride-to-be with doubts to say “I do” using a near-death experience.
  • Erase the memory of a priest who witnessed a crime.

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