Growing Up Fisher

Growing Up Fisher/NBC/2014 (Blind)

Mel Fisher  (J.K. Simmons), blind lawyer and family man who decides to get divorced and move out of the house to live in an apartment about Griffith Street Bakery with his guide dog, Elvis – Mel’s personal GPS.


Mel went blind when he was twelve, but he never let the fact that he could not see keep him from doing anything. Even when he probably should have, like teaching his teenage daughter how to drive or cutting down trees in the backyard with a chainsaw.

Although removed from his house, Mel keeps in constant contact with his twelve and a half year old son, Henry (Eli Baker)  whom before Elvis was his father’s human guide dog. Mel gave his son a key to his apartment so he could visit anytime. At first, Henry felt slighted that he had been outsourced by a dog, but he soon learned to love Elvis, as well.

Before his divorce, Mel hide the fact that he was blind. He never lied to anyone but he did trick them a lot. With his son, Henry at his side, they could do anything. Henry surveyed the land for his dad, told him what was where and how far away things were.

Mel’s other family members include his soon-to-be ex-wife, Joyce (Jenna Elfman) who feels she has lost her youth and wants to reclaim it; and Mel’s teenage daughter, Katie (Ava Deluca-Verley).

While living his life blind, Mel always kept a positive outlook on life. For example, when a officious counter clerk at a hotel refused to register Mel because their establishment had a strict “no animals policy” Mel was quick to point out that “California Civil Code 54.1 makes it illegal to deny lodging to any one using a service dog.  If you do not give me a room now I will sue and when the dust settles they will be calling this the Mel Fisher Hotel.” Of course, Mel got his room.

Note: On May 9, 2014, NBC canceled Growing Up Fisher after one season. Created by D.J. Nash, the semi-autobiographical series was an homage to Nash’s father who was also blind.

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