Legit/FX/2013-2014 (Muscular Dystrophy)

Billy Nugent (DJ Qualls), disabled young man with advanced-stage Muscular Dystrophy who is confined to a bed and wheelchair in a nursing home in Los Angeles, California.


One day,  Billy’s life changes when his neurotic brother, Steve (Dan Bakkedahl),  a Cyber-Law library salesman struggling to stay on his feet following a divorce, and his roommate Jim (Jim Jeffries), a struggling foul-mouthed Australian comedian in his 30s spring Billy from the nursing home to live their apartment so he can experience a more normal life.

First thing on their to do list: Take Billy to a Las Vegas, Nevada brothel to lose his virginity. Of course, nine months later, Wendy (Kate Luyben), the prostitute Billy lost his virginity to shows up at Jim’s door claiming that Billy is the father. Billy’s mother, Janice (Mindy Sterling) who objected to Billy leaving the nursing home, has a hard time accepting that the possible mother of her grandchild would be a hooker.


“He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother” – Steve carries Billy

Meanwhile in the intervening months:

  • Billy learns to surf the Internet and access video dating websites., where he becomes infatuated with a woman named Renee (Katy Sullivan), but he doesn’t want to reveal to her that he has MD (turns out she had a secret of her own – prosthetic legs).
  • Steve takes Billy to a minor league baseball game not realizing that Billy hates the sport.
  • Billy’s mother, who disapproves of her son living arrangements with Jim and Steve, tries to hire him a nurse, against Billy’s wishes.
  • Jim discovers that Steve and Billy’s father, Walter (John Ratzenberger) is living in a tent in the back yard, while Janice resides in a house packed to the ceiling with thousands of boxes containing porcelain dolls and figurines, among other unnecessary things, so Jim and the Nugents finally confront Janice about her hoarding problem.
  • Steve’s van is towed with Billy still inside and everyone must scramble to reclaim the van. To make matters worse, Billy’s wheelchair is stolen by gang members and Jim and Steve help him get it back.
  • Jim volunteers at the care facility where Billy used to live, and tries to date a nurse (Rachel Blanchard) that works there. Billy and the other residents, who idolize her, do everything in their power to prevent Jim from succeeding.
  • One of Billy’s friends with muscular dystrophy dies forcing the realization on the guys that Billy doesn’t have much time left.
  • Billy is hospitalized with Jim’s mom.
  • Billy goes to a video game tournament.

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