Inch High, Private Eye

Inch High, Private Eye/NBC/1973-1974 (Tiny Detective)

Inch High (voiced by Lennie Weinrib) is a pint-sized private eye in a trenchcoat who works for the Finkerton Detective Agency. His cantankerous boss, Mr. Finkerton (voiced by John Stephenson) dislikes Inch and is always looking for ways to fire him.


While on assignment, Inch rides in an electric vehicle called the “Hushmobile.” Its quiet engine makes no noise as it tails suspects and criminals like Spumoni the Great, Mr. Midas, or King Ra.

“The world’s biggest little detective. Inch High, Private Eye.”

Inch is assisted by his clever niece, Lori (voiced by Kathy Gori) who communicates with a Compact-phone stored in her purse; her hulking, dimwitted boyfriend, Gator (voiced by Bob Lutell) who drives the Hushmobile; and Inch’s loyal, St. Bernard dog, Braveheart (voiced by Don Messick) who often falls asleep on the job. On occasion, Inch teams with Super Flea (a mechanical insect) and Goldie, the world’s greatest goldfish.


Note: The 13-episode cartoon was created by Hanna-Barbera Studios. Reruns of the 30-minute animated series have been aired on USA Cartoon Express, Cartoon Network (as part of the Mysteries, Inc. block) and Boomerang.

The Inch High character is reminiscent of tiny heroes like Atom Ant (Hanna-Barbera), The Atom (DC Comics) and Ant Man (Marvel Comics).

The Finkerton Detective Agency is a spoof of the Pinkerton Detective Agency, one of the first detective agencies in the United States of America.


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