Family Guy

FAMILY GUY/FOX/1999+ (Wheelchair)

Joe Swanson (voice by Patrick Warburton), a crippled police officer confined to a wheelchair who lives in the town of Quahog, Rhode Island. Joe suffers from impotence and incontinence.


In episode “Joe’s Revenge” we learn that Joe lost the use of his legs in a fight with Bobby “The Shirt” Briggs, whom Joe later kills. In an earlier episode, “A Hero Sits Next Door” Joe claimed he was crippled stopping The Grinch from stealing Christmas from an orphanage.

Joe is married with two children (Kevin and Susie). His wife, Bonnie is a soft-spoken woman who used to work as a stripper. She once tried to shoot Joe to paralyze him but she was such a lousy shot, Joe shot himself. In episode “Foreign Affairs,” Bonnie goes to Paris and nearly leaves Joe for a French man in a wheelchair named Francois.


Kevin, their first born allegedly died in the Iraq War, but it is later revealed he was in a coma following a bomb (placed inside a turkey during Thanksgiving) and so he faked his own death and went AWOL. Susie Swanson, the second child, is still a baby.

Joe’s friends include neighbor Peter Griffin (voice by Seth MacFarlane), a bumbling blue-collar worker who works at the Happy Go Lucky Toy Factory and later the Pawtucket Brewery; Glenn Quagmire (voice by Seth MacFarlane), a single, sex-addicted airline pilot who is always saying  “Giggity” and “Alright”; and Cleveland (voice by Mike Henry), a mild-mannered African American deli owner. Their favorite hang out is a bar called “The Drunken Clam.”


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