Happy Days

HAPPY DAYS/ABC/1974-1984 (Deaf)

Allison (Linda Bove), a hearing-impaired woman who worked as a receptionist at the electric company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin who becomes the love interest of Arthur “The Fonz” Fonzarelli (Henry Winkler) on the episode “Allison” (Season #7 Episode #19 aired February 12, 1980).


The Fonz first meets Allison when he attempts to straighten out an electric company billing error for his friend Howard “Mr. C” Cunningham (Tom Bosley).

Allison is unaffected by the Fonz’s “Charisma” (like most of the ladies), so he feels that Allison  may be the “one.” His friend Richie Cunningham (Ron Howard) thinks that the Fonz may be giving the woman false hopes about a relationship, that is “leading her on.”

But when Fonzie tells Allison via sign language that he holds her dear in his heart, she reveals that she just accepted a proposal from a man with whom she worked. It was the Fonz dating the woman that made her coworker (who was not disabled) realize how special Allison was and that he wanted to marry her.

Note: Earlier  episodes of HAPPY DAYS dealing with the topic of disabilities appeared on “The Mechanic” (Season #7 Episode #12 aired December 12, 1979) as Fonzie hires a new assistant at his garage who is confined to a wheelchair; and on the episode “Fonzie’s Blindness” (Season #6 Episode #4 aired September 26, 1978) when the Fonz is temporary blinded by a blow to the head and becomes filled with self-pity until his friend, Richie Cunningham helps Arthur face up to his fears.

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