The New Addams Family

THE NEW ADDAMS FAMILY/FOX/1998-99 (Colorblind)

Lurch (John De Santis), a somber, 8-foot-tall butler with a very deep-voice who lives with eccentrics Gomez and Morticia Addams in an eerie Victorian house at 001 Cemetery Lane in Greenbriar, USA.


Lurch’s origins are sketchy. He is colorblind. He was found buried in a cemetery by Morticia Addams. He was created in a mold which broke when they made him. And he used to work as a bouncer. Lurch is also skilled at shuffling cards from a stint in Las Vegas.

A lover of music Lurch plays piano, organ, violin, flute, and mandolin but has little talent for dancing.

His catchphrases: “You Rang”, “Follow Me”, “Mail’s In”, “Yes, Mrs. Addams”, and “Ugh”.

Note: The character of Lurch (no last name) was first played by Ted Cassidy on the 1960s comedy series THE ADDAMS FAMILY/ABC/1964-1966.

See also: The Addams Family



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