SABLE/ABC/1987-88 (Blind)

Joseph “Joe” Tyson (Ken Page), a blind, black computer whiz who provides information to Jon Sable, a children’s author and vigilante.


Joe’s nickname is “Cheesecake” because Sable sends a strawberry cheesecake to Joe when he needs information (the flap of the cake box hold instructions in Braille).

“Cheesecake” imagines himself to be a stand up comedian and provides his own recorded laugh track for such occasions.

  • On episode No.3 “Evangelist” Sable gives a child he found at the apartment of a murdered orphanage worker to Cheesecake to look after, while he discovers a baby selling scheme is going on at the orphanage.
  • On episode No. 6 “Watchdogs” A reunion between Sable and his critically ill stepmother is interrupted when Cheesecake needs his help against a racist neighborhood watch group.

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