Mr. Sunshine

MR. SUNSHINE/ABC/1986 (Blind)

Paul Stark (Jeffrey Tambor),  a demanding, acerbic, and very bright blind college English professor who was trying to patch up his life after an unhappy marriage. Paul  lost his sight in an automobile accident.


Series characters included: Grace D’Angelo (Nan Martin), Paul’s sarcastic personal secretary who warns him: “You can’t afford to be bitter; you’re not that pleasant to begin with.”; Mrs. June Swinford (Barbara Babcock), a dizzy, middle-aged landlady who has the hots for Paul; Janice Hall (Cecilia Hart), a no-nonsense female friend; and Professor Leon Walters (Leonard Frey), a haughty, but bumbling teacher colleague.

Note: The controversial series ran for 11 episodes. Some critics of the show believed many of the jokes on the program exploited the blind professor’s disability. The American Foundation of the Blind, remarked, “Let us hope that ABC has the decency to remove this throwback to the Middle Ages from the air.”

Jeffrey Tambor Tambor researched his role by studying and observing at the Braille Institute for the Blind in Los Angeles.



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