MACGYVER/ABC/1985-92 (Blind)

Peter Thornton (Dana Elcar/costar), the Director of Field Operations for the Phoenix Foundation who supervised Angus MacGyver, a genius troubleshooter for the firm.


A few years into the program, actor Dana Elcar discovered he was going blind. However, with a little help from his friends and crew of the show, he continued to work on the series.

“The fact that you are losing your eyesight does not mean you have forgotten how to act.” – Dana Elcar

After Dana Elcar went blind from Glaucoma in 1991 he had to use special computer equipment to read printed text.

On the episode “Hind-sight” (05/06/1991) Peter Thornton is in the hospital waiting for the doctors to perform surgery on his eye condition. His sight and field of vision has been fading. His friend and colleague MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) visits and reminisces about their many adventures before it is time for surgery.


Peter Thornton in the hospital awaiting surgery on his eyes. MacGyver comes to visit and wish him well.

Born Ibson Dana Elcar on October 10, 1927 in Ferndale, Michigan, actor Dana Elcar died on June 6, 2005 in Ventura, California.

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