JAG/NBC/CBS/1995-2005 (Night Blindness)

Harmon Rabb, Jr. (David James Elliott), Lt. Commander and pilot in the Navy who was diagnosed with night blindness.


As the program’s opening narration explained:

“Following in his father’s footsteps as a naval aviator Lieutenant Commander Harmon Rad, Jr. suffered a crash while landing his Tomcat on a storm tossed carrier at sea. Diagnosed with night blindness, Harm transferred to the Navy’s Judge Advocate General Corp which investigates, defends and prosecutes the law of the sea. There, with fellow JAG lawyer Major Sarah McKenzie, he now fights in and out of the courtroom with the same daring and tenacity that made him a Top Gun in the air.”

A few years later Harm discovers that his night blindness had been misdiagnosed and with corrective eye surgery he would be able to return to active duty.

Harm undergoes laser surgery to cure his night blindness on episode #81 “Second Sight” (aired April 27, 1999). Then, on episode No. 84 “Yeah Baby” (aired May 18, 1999) Harm, at age 35 and with his eyesight fixed, decides to submit a request to be transferred to a fighter squadron.

But, with some second thought on the matter, Harm decides to stay with JAG. However, when ever the situation arose, Harm willingly took to the air in the service of his country.

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