Mister Magoo

MISTER MAGOO/UPA/1950-1959 (Nearsighted/Myopic)

Mr. Quincy Magoo (Voice of Jim Backus), a stubborn, nearly blind old man who refused to admit to his nearsightedness. His catchphrase: “Oh Magoo, you’ve done it again!”


The myopic Mr. Magoo character debuted as a theatrical released cartoon in Ragtime Bear (9/29/1949) and continued through a series of 52 cartoons for UPA from 1950-59.

He later appeared in the cartoon FAMOUS ADVENTURES OF MR. MAGOO/NBC/1964-65. Each week on this animated series, Mr. Magoo took on the guise of historical or literary figures like William Tell, Friar Tuck, Long John Silver, Cyrano, Rip Van Winkle and Don Quixote.


Other credits to his name were the classic animated Dickens special “A Christmas Carol” (12/18/62) and the revised version of his character in the animated series WHAT’S NEW, MR. MAGOO/CBS/1977-78 with his nephew Waldo and his nearsighted white talking dog, McBarker.


In 1997, the Disney multimedia conglomerate produced the film Mr. Magoo starring Leslie Nielsen which featured a disclaimer at the end of the film expressing that no harm was meant to those blind or sight impaired.

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