War of the Worlds

WAR OF THE WORLDS/SYN/1988-90 (Wheelchair)

Norton Drake (Philip Akin), a black computer genius in a wheelchair who battled the menace of alien invaders from outer space. He is a cool, laid back character with a good sense of humor. Norton nicknamed his voice-activated wheelchair “Gertrude.” In earlier episodes, Norton spoke with a quasi-Jamaican accent.


Norton was part of a team called the Blackwood Project and headed by Dr. Harrison Blackwood (Jared Martin) an astrophysicist whose parents were killed in the 1953 alien invasion of earth.

Other team members included Dr. Suzanne McCullough (Lynda Mason Green), a  microbiologist and single mother; and Lt. Col. Paul Ironhorse (Richard Chaves), a conservative, Native American military officer.

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