VIPER/NBC/1994/SYN/1996-99 (Wheelchair)

(Dorian Harewood) Julian Wilkes, a brilliant black scientist confined to a wheelchair who designed Viper, a high-tech, supercharged pursuit vehicle built to fight crime in the world of the near future.


Disabled auto wizard Julian Wilkes (Dorian Harewood) modified a Dodge Viper sports car roadster for the pursuit and capture of criminals too slippery for ordinary police patrol car chases.

The Viper was equipped with computers; armor plating; morphing circuitry that changed the car’s color and shape; side mounted firearms that launched rockets, grappling hooks and netting; and a flying spy camera.

To drive this dynamo of a car, Wilkes memory wiped the mind of Mob driver Michael Payton and gave him the alternate personality of Joe Astor (James McCaffrey).

A fast-talking scam artist Frankie Waters (Joe Nipote) who worked for the police motor pool provided Wilkes and Astor with inside information.

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