Blind Justice


Detective Jim Dunbar (Ron Eldard), NYPD detective blinded in the line of duty when he saved the lives of three officers against a gunman with a AK-47.


A devoted criminologist, Jim wants to return to work and do what he does best. But with a wife who lacks faith in his ability to rejoin his career, and a new partner who doesn’t think she can rely on him in his current condition, Jim has a huge mountain to climb over before he can successfully work his way back on the streets as a detective instead of opting for desk duty or early retirement.

As the program tagline said,” He lost his sight, not his vision.”

The series is based on characters in the mystery novel “Death by Hollywood written by writer/producer Steven Bochco.

Every episode was broadcast with video description for the visually impaired available as Secondary Audio Programming. It was the first ABC scripted series to offer this option.

Unique visual effects give us a window on what Dunbar “sees” with his remaining senses.

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