The Simpsons

THE SIMPSONS/FOX/1989+ (Brass Knee & Steel Hip)

Grandpa Abe Simpson (voice of Dan Castellaneta), the senile father of nuclear power plant worker Homer Simpson. Abe now lives at the Springfield Retirement Castle.


On episode “Natural Born Kissers” Abe’s grandchildren Bart and Lisa borrow his metal detector. Bart turns on the detector and points it at Abe’s body. It detects a brass knee and a steel hip (“That one’s new to me!” says Abe).

Abraham Jedediah Simpson is a veteran of World War II. He rambles when he speaks and tends to tell stories with wild inaccuracies.

For forty-five years Abe was a security guard. In retirement, he worked as a Sprawl-Mart greeter in Eddystone Pa, a cartoon writer, and a traveling salesman.

He is a member of the Stonecutters, Masons, and Communists, as well as being president of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance.



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