TATE/NBC/1960 (Injured Arm)

Tate (David McLean), a one-armed gunfighter who roamed the American frontier of the 1870s. He was a casualty of the Civil War (The Battle of Vicksburg in May 1863).


Tate lost the use of his left arm when an explosion shattered it. Finding it difficult to obtain work, Tate became a drifter/gunfighter.

Marshall: How long’s it been?
Tate: Ten years.
Marshall: The war and then some. Where’d it happen?
Tate: Vicksburg. I didn’t run fast enough, Morty.
Marshall: You’re home, son. What do you think of it?
Tate: The same. A little smaller, a little dirtier. Just a memory, Morty, it doesn’t exist any more.

Tate’s left arm was encased in a sheath of black leather stitched up with rawhide lacing that ran from his fingers to his elbow. His right gun arm was lightning swift and could “shoot five times without reloading.”


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