SOPRANOS/HBO/1999-2007 (Missing one Leg)

Svetlana Kirilenko (Alla Kliouka Schaffer), one-legged Russian nurse who attended the needs of Livia Soprano, the mother of New Jersey Mafia Boss Tony Soprano. Svetlana wore a prosthetic leg and walked awkwardly.


Before Livia died, she bequeathed her record collection to Svetlana. At the funeral, Livia’s daughter, Janice Soprano (called “a cow”) insisted the records were hers. Svetlana disagreed, so in retribution, Janice stole Svetlana’s prosthetic leg while she slept. Angry, Svetlana asked two friends in the Russian mob to break Janice’s ribs.


Svetlana speaking with Janice Soprano at Livia’s funeral



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