Son of the Beach

“”SON OF THE BEACH/FX/2000-2001 (Wheelchair)

Professor Milosevic (Robert Steven Ryan), an evil wheelchair bound ex-lifeguard who was injured in a terrible boating accident involving his friend Notch “Ride the Big One” Johnson and a lot of sun-screen.


The Professor was introduced on episode No. 6 “Fanny and the Professor” when the Professor seeks revenge on Notch by getting him fired and replaced by a bevy of female robot lifeguards.

He communicates through a keyboard and voice-box mounted on the front of his wheel chair (an apparent spoof of brilliant but wheelchair-bound physicist Stephen J. Hawkins).


On episode No. 27 “Area 69” muscle-bound German lifeguard Chip Rommel (Roland Kickinger) and Professor Milosevic enter a local talent contest and are signed by a TV network executive to star in an ‘Odd Couple’ type situation comedy.

This particular episode is outrageous in that Chip in his TV role continually abuses the Professor by stuffing things into his mouth, pouring things on his head or banging the professor’s head with a board as he keeps moving about the room (among other extremely slapstick by abusive stunts).

Professor Milosevic appeared in 13 episodes, including:

  • “Fanny and the Professor” (18 April 2000)
  • “Eat My Muffin” (1 August 2000)
  • “Rod Strikes Back” (3 April 2001)
  • “It’s a Nude, Nude, Nude, Nude World”” (10 June 2001)
  • “It’s Showtime at the Apollo 13!” (12 June 2001)
  • “The Island of Dr. Merlot” (19 June 2001)
  • “Grand Prix” (3 July 2001)
  • “Area 69” (10 July 2001)
  • “Booger Nights” (17 July 2001)
  • “In the Line of Booty” (2 July 2002)
  • “Hamm Stroker’s Suck My Blood” (6 August 2002)
  • “Taco Lips Now: Part 1” (17 September 2002)
  • “Bad News, Mr. Johnson” (1 October 2002)

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