Saturday Night Live (3)

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE/NBC/1975+ (Born Without a Spine)

Mr. Loopner, the father of Lisa Loopner (Gilda Radner) as mentioned in the “Nerds” sketches seen on the program in the 1970s.


On the sketch “Nerds Go to the Prom” (aired May 20, 1978) Marshall DiLaBounta (Buck Henry), the father of Lisa Loopner’s boyfriend Todd (Bill Murray) is talking with Lisa’s mother, Ined (Jane Curtain) as the two kids get ready to go to the prom.

While chit-chatting in the Loopner’s living room, Marshall asked about Ined’s dead husband. An excerpt from the dialogue follows:

Ined: You know Marshall, as a single mother I’ve had to be both mother and father to Lisa.
Todd: And you’ve done a terrific job, Mrs. Loopner.
Marshall: Uhh…Ined, I hope this isn’t indelicate [picks his nose] but, how did Mr. Loopner pass away?
Ined: He was born without a spine. It was always just a matter of time.
Marshall: And, and what exactly did he do for a living?
Ined: Oh, didn’t you know? He invented the slinky.
Lisa: Yeah, unfortunately he didn’t call it the slinky and he didn’t patent it. But he sued the slinky people for 5 million dollars, and he lost.

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