Saber of London

SABER OF LONDON/NBC/1957-60 (Injured Arm)

Mark Saber (Donald Gray, a.k.a. “Eldred Tidbury”), a one-armed former chief Inspector of Scotland Yard turned private detective.


The original Mark Saber (Tom Conway), a dapper police detective with a British accent, worked for a large American city homicide squad on MARK SABER/ABC/1951-54.

When the character was resurrected, on a series variously called THE VISE, SABER OF LONDON and DETECTIVE’S DIARY run on ABC & NBC from 1955-60, our English copper was suddenly transformed into a one-armed private detective based in London who chased crooks throughout the streets of Europe.

Donald Gray (who died in 1978) lost his left arm during the invasion of Normandy. He was proficient in Judo and reportedly once caused a riot in a BBC studio when he blew a kiss to his female fans.


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