The Oblongs

THE OBLONGS/FOX/2001 (Armless/Legless and other Abnormalities)

(Cartoon Voices) The Oblong family lives in Hill Valley, a toxic valley downstream from an industrial waste site.The program’s theme song explains the plight of the Oblongs as follows:

“Oblongs! Oblongs! Down in the valley where a chemical spill came from the people living up on the hill, there’s a family by the landfill with hazardous foam, in their happy glowing home. Oblongs!”


The Oblongs consist of:

  • Bob (voice of Will Ferrell), the pipe-smoking father who has no arms and nor legs but who is just filled with a zest for life
  • Pickles Oblong (Jean Smart), Bob’s bald wife who wears a wig and has addiction problems with alcohol-and-tobacco
  • Biff and Chip (voices of Jason and Randy Sklar), the arguing twin sons who share three legs and three buttocks;
  • Beth (voice of Jeannie Elias), 4-year-old daughter  who has a penis-like growth protruding from her head;
  • Milo (voice of Pamela Segall Adlon), the youngest one-eyed-one haired son who has all sorts of emotional and behavioral problems;
  • Grammy, Bob’s mother who is a vegetable.
  • The family pets include Milo’s narcoleptic dog, Scottie; and the chain-smoking family cat.

The Oblongs, just your average American family coping with life’s ups and downs, were inspired by characters from the adult-oriented children’s book “Creepy Susie and 13 Other Tragic Tales for Troubled Children” by Angus Oblong.


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