PELSWICK/CBC/NIK/2000-2002 (Wheelchair)

Pelswick Eggert(Voice of Robert Tinkler), a 13-year-old boy in a motorized wheelchair.


Pelswick, who refers to his disability as “Permanently Seated,” is energetic, fearless and has a talent for getting into trouble. For example. he exploited his disability to gain admission into a sold-out theater performance and accidentally modified his wheelchair for the school Science Fair so it goes 50 miles an hour (on the freeway).

When he’s not tearing around the streets in his wheelchair, Pelswick tries to avoid the local school bully Boyd Scullarzo or his dim-witted sidekicks Nick and Joe. And then there’s an incompetent guardian angel named Mr. Jimmy (invisible to everyone but Pelswick).

Pelswick’s 8th grade friends are Ace Nakamura, Goon Gundersonswick, Sandra Scoddle, and Julie Smockford, with whom Pelswick has a crush.From time to time, an adult named Mr. J Pops offers Pelswick advise on life.

Pelswick’s lives with his crazy grandmother, Priscilla Eggert, a.k.a. “Gram-Gram” who gets a around on a walker and is fiercely protective of Pelswick; Quentin Eggert, his father who hates to offend anyone; Kate Eggert, Pelwick’s precocious younger sister; and Bobby Eggert, his little brother who is not very talkative.For fun, Pelswick draws cartoons, and plays sports.

The short-lived series was based on the books created by John Callahan.

External Link: Pelswick Opening Theme @ You Tube

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