OZ/HBO/1997-2003 (Wheelchair)

Augustus Hill (Harold Perrineau, Jr.), a wheelchair-bound African-American convict (#95H522) and narrator of the prison drama OZ set in Oswald State Correctional Facility. He belongs to the prison gang known as The Others.


Its high-tech experimental unit (Cell Block 5) known as “Em City” or Emerald City” uses glass instead of bars, to allows the guards more visual access to the inmates.

Hill speaks directly to the camera from inside a rotating glass cell and serves as an observer of the action unfolding within Emerald City.

His character introduces the new inmates, and flashback sequences. Hill voice provides the prisoner’s number, his name, date of conviction, the charge for which he’s been convicted, the length of his sentence and his eligibility for parole.

On the fifth season series finale as Urbano prepares to stab Redding, Augustus Hill jumps in between the two.

The show ended with a shot of an empty chair where the narrator should be. Augustus Hill was dead.

Harold Perrineauc, Jr. was born in Brooklyn. He is a classically trained actor and an accomplished martial artist who is skilled in the arts of Kung Fu Wu-Su.


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