Murphy Brown

MURPHY BROWN/CBS/1988-98 (Wheelchair)

Jeanine (Charlotte Price), disabled newsroom worker seen wheeling about “F.Y.I.” a  news magazine based in Washington, DC.

Jeanine works with Murphy Brown, (Candice Bergen), a stubborn, extremely hot-tempered, middle-aged  news reporter with a sarcastic streak and a drinking problem.

Jeanine appeared on episodes “Ticket to Writhe” (1993), “Murphy and the Amazing Leaping Man” (1993) and “Dick and Dottie” (1995).

Charlotte Price, like actress Madlyn Rhue, is afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis.

In an interview with Variety magazine (11/29/1992), Price (who started acting after she was disabled) confessed, “…when I go out to audition and the building doesn’t have an elevator, and the casting offices are on the second floor, I’ve found that usually people are very nice about it…They come down and I read for them in the parking lot.”



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