Miss Susan

MISS SUSAN/NBC/1951 (Wheelchair)

Susan Martin (Susan Peters), a female attorney in a wheelchair who returned to her hometown of Martinsville, Ohio to practice law. Her love interest was Bill Carter (Mark Roberts). Laura (Helen Ray) was the family housekeeper.


Born Suzanne Carnahan in Spokane, Washington on July 3, 1921, actress Susan Peters graduated from the Max Reinhardt’s School of Dramatic Art and became a popular MGM actress until her career was sidelined a little more than a year after her wedding day when she was injured as a result of a New Years duck hunting accident in 1945 in the San Diego area with her husband, Richard Quine. Reportedly, she went to retrieve a rifle when it accidentally discharged. The bullet lodged in her spine and Peters was paralyzed from the waist down.

In 1942, Peters had earned an Academy Award nomination for playing Greer Garson’s daughter, Kitty in the World War I drama Random Harvest and was voted a “Star of Tomorrow” the following year.


After her divorce from her husband, Columbia pictures cast Peters in the role of a manipulative crippled wife using her handicap to hold on to a husband in The Sign of the Ram (1948).

Her last performance was MISS SUSAN (aka MARTINSVILLE, USA),  a daily fifteen-minute soap opera broadcast from March-December of 1951 in Philadelphia. Suffering from acute depression and plagued by kidney problems and pneumonia, Peters died on October 23, 1952 (age 31) in Visalia, California.





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