A Man Called Sloane

A MAN CALLED SLOANE/NBC/1979-80 (Prosthetic Hand)

Torque (Ji-Tu Cumbuka) is a 6-foot 5-inch black spy with a bone-crushing stainless steel (in reality aluminum) bionic hand equipped with drills, saws, lock pick, laser beam and even a radio transmitter whose antenna doubled as a spear.


Torque worked for UNIT, a counter-intelligence agency located behind “The Toy Boutique.” His partner was Thomas Remington Sloane, III (Robert Conrad).


EFFIE, the organization’s main computer (short for the E.F.I. Model 3000), supplied information to its agents via a sexy female voice (Michele Carey).


Torque and Thomas fought the criminals of KARTEL, a sinister organization.

Note: In the pilot episode “Death Ray 2000” the character of Torque was a villain who stole a heat ray that dehydrated victims. Robert Logan played the role of Thomas Remington Sloane III.


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