My Gimpy Life

MY GIMPY LIFE/Internet/2012 + 2014 (Wheelchair)

Teal (Teal Sherer), an aspiring disabled actress who tries to navigate Tinsel Town (Hollywood) in a wheelchair.


Teal won Best Female Comedy Performance at the International Academy of Web Television Awards in Las Vegas for her role in MY GIMPLY LIFE!

Teal grew up near Knoxville, Tennessee. She sustained injuries in an automobile accident at the age of 14, on the way to a Labor Day fireworks show. The accident broke her spine, leaving her a paraplegic. Teal recovered at Shepherd Therapy Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

NOTE: Sherer‘s first name “Teal” was given by her father (not because her eyes are so blue) but because of the Teal duck, her dad’s favorite breed of duck to hunt. Teal quipped, “My father named me after an animal he enjoyed killing.”

During the third season of the web-based show, THE GUILD (2007-2014) a group of video gamers (The Guild, aka “The Knights of the Good”) go up against a tough-as-nails paraplegic woman named Venom, who is played by Teal Sherer.


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